Totobobo pollution masks Beijing at Torana Clean Air Center
Totobobo masks are easy to wear, child friendly and have replaceable filters

Totobobo anti-Pollution mask at Torana Clean Air Center

Totobobo pollution masks are now available at the Torana Clean Air Center

These are the best pollution masks for general use that we have seen. They have a true HEPA filter for trapping Beijing ultrafine smog particulates, they are washable and the filters are replaceable. Best of all they are comfortable to use and made of soft plastic than can be easily cut to fit smaller faces. The soft plastic material means that they are a better fit (a crucial part of mask performance) than other types we have seen.

We recommend Totobobo masks for heavily polluted days in Beijing, particularly for children making journeys to and from school, and for anyone cycling or walking in traffic.

Totobobo masks can also be helpful for asthma and hay fever sufferers, for people working in dusty or smoky environments, for hobbyists or gardeners using sprays or powders and many other places where a HEPA filter is useful.

We stock the following Totobobo masks and replacement filters:

Totobobo Classic Mask

Totobobo Earloop Mask (easy to put on and recommended for children)

Totobobo Replacement HEPA filters, top specification 96% PM2.5 pollution protection

For more information on usage, performance, fitting and washing see Totobobo's website.