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RZ PM2.5 pollution mask at Torana Clean Air Center

anti-Pollution masks at Torana Clean Air Center

We recommend masks for heavily polluted days in Beijing, particularly for children making journeys to and from school, and for anyone cycling or walking in traffic. They can also be helpful for asthma and hay fever sufferers. We stock two kinds of mask: Vogmask and RZ mask (both imported from the USA). Both have similar efficacy on PM2.5 pollution, but different styling.


A simple and lightweight washable mask, with a fabric outer and HEPA filter inner, loops-behind-the-ear fastening. This mask has excellent effectiveness against PM2.5 and has N99 (ie better than N95) certification both for efficacy and fit. Right now we have the adult size (only) in several colors in stock. In July we will be getting sizes for children and toddlers. Available in several colors.

RZ mask

A HEPA+charcoal mask featuring a return-valve to make exhaling easier and reduce condensation/ fogging. This is a bulkier mask than the Vogmask, with an outer skin that fastens behind the head with velcro, and a replaceable inner filter (we have spares for sale). The masks are available in several sizes to fit any head size. Also in several colors!

How to choose a mask

Both of the types we sell have similar efficacy, so choice is a matter of personal taste. If you are using your mask during exercise (eg cycling) we suggest the RZ mask since the return valve makes breathing easier under these conditions. If you are looking for a lightweight mask eg for traveling to school the Vogmask is a good choice.

We have tested both masks using our own particle meters and we can vouch for their efficacy on PM2.5 particles in the smallest size range (0.3-2.5 microns) that makes up the bulk of Beijing's air pollution.

For more more information on usage, performance, fitting and washing see RZ website and Vogmask website


* As featured on Dr Richard St Cyr's My Health Beijing Blog *