Choosing a humidifier for your stay in Beijing

Beijing is a dry city, especially during the winter months when cold, dry air from the north dominates the weather patterns. Dry air combined with central heating means that the humidity can drop to as low as 10%, versus 40-60% which is normally reckoned to be comfortable. A Humidifier is essential for surviving the winter months in Beijing and brings several benefits, including less skin dryness and fewer split lips, more comfortable breathing and fewer sinus issues. Humidifiers will also help protect furniture (particularly antique furniture) from drying and cracking.

There are many cheap humidifiers available in Beijing stores that work by creating a mist. We strongly suggest to avoid these, since when this mist evaporates it leaves particles of water salts behind, in other words creating dust. Some of this dust settles around the humidifier as a white deposit, but some of it is so fine that it stays in the air and ends up in your lungs. Instead, we suggest to buy a passive evaporation humidifier. These work by evaporating cool water on a wick or a rotating disc and they do not make dust or steam.

The humidifiers we have chosen to sell are those from the Swiss Stadler Form company. They are the passive evaporation type, and they are the best imported humidifiers available in China. They also look good in an understated way.

Stadler Form humidifiers from Torana Clean Air Center Beijing

Max room size


 Price (RMB)

Stadler Form Oskar humidifier at Beijing Torana Clean Air Center

Stadler Form OSKAR humidifier

up to 20-30m2


A neat and discreet humidifier that runs very quiet, with dimmable led display that won't keep you awake at night.

• Power: 6 to 18 Watt
• Perfume dispenser
• 2 output levels
• Output: max. 300 g/h
• Tank capacity: 3.5 Liter
• Dimensions: 290 x 246 x 246mm
• Night mode (light dimmed or light off)
• Automatic shut-off
• Integrated hygrostat
• Weight: 3.1 kg


spare evaporator for Stadler Form OSKAR humidifier

Spare evaporator for OSKAR humidifier


This is the evaporator grid inside the OSKAR humidifier. It should be replaced periodically to ensure optimum performance.


Ionic silver cube for Stadler Form humidifiers

Silver Ionic Cube for OSKAR humidifier

The silver ionic cube prevents mold and bacteria growth. It should be replaced once per year.


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