About me

Chris Buckley, owner of Torana Clean Air Center

My name is Chris Buckley, I am the owner of the Torana Clean Air Center.

I studied chemistry at Balliol College, Oxford, then later received a PhD from Wolfson College, Oxford for my thesis in physical chemistry. For many years I worked on the development of new healthcare products for Procter & Gamble. This work brought me to China (Guangzhou) in 1995. One of my roles during my time in P&G was safety officer for a technology center, including the management of a HEPA air purification system for protecting lab employees from exposure to dust.

Since leaving P&G I have maintained a strong interest in health and environment, not least because after moving to Beijing in 2000 I developed mild asthma. This sparked a search for an effective air cleaner, and led me to buy and try many different models and to research how they worked. This in turn eventually led me to Blueair. Owning effective air purifiers has made a significant difference to my quality of life and made living in Beijing better-than-bearable for me. Given my background it was a small step to want to pass on those benefits to others.

Several meetings with the Blueair engineers convinced me that they understood air cleaning better than any other company and designed more effective air purifiers. Since I am interested in the underlying science I didn't take this purely on trust but bought myself air quality testing equipment and verified what they told me for myself. As a result, Blueair air purifiers are now available at my stores in Beijing and this is the only brand that I supply and recommend.

You are welcome to contact me by email if you have questions on Beijing air quality and how to choose an air purifier and the pros and cons of different kinds. I'm also happy to advise on what your home or office might need and how to position air purifiers to get the maximum benefit.

Beijing is a great city and it's a pleasure to be helping to make people's lives here better.