How to choose the right air purifiers for your needs

Choose your air purifer model based on the size of your room: recommended room sizes for each model are given in the table below. The new Pro range and Sense model offer no-compromise performance with the most stylish, quietest and unobtrusive designs on the market. The Classic range offers top performance, quiet operation and the most clean air per RMB outlay.

To pick your purifiers, first identify which rooms you want to cover: we recommend beginning with bedrooms, living rooms and playrooms. Then match room sizes in square meters or square feet with the models listed below.

If you'd like us to come and assess your home, office or school, measure the air quality and recommend what machines will suit your space we are happy to do this at no charge. The room sizes indicated below are based on our own measurements.

Because Torana's Blueair purifiers are competitively priced and have low maintenance and replacement filter costs it is now feasible to protect the air larger spaces in schools, offices and hospitals. Talk to us for our suggestions on how to tackle air cleaning in your space. For schools, kindergartens and hospitals air cleaners offer benefits in pollution control, reduction in the spread of airborne diseases and relief for asthma sufferers. And very importantly, it demonstrates that you care about the people in your charge.

Some discounts and special offers may apply from time to time, please ask at our stores for details.

Questions? Ask us! Also see our FAQs page for answers to common questions.

Come and view the models at Torana Clean Air Stores, email us or call us to arrange free delivery to your door [email protected] / 010-8459 0785.

Blueair is the top performer in a 2013 government study! See our air purifier performance page for more details

Blueair Air Purifier models

Max room size Clean Air Delivery Rate



Replacement filter cost

Blueair Pro series: top performance, contemporary design

Blueair Pro M Beijing Torana Clean Air Center

Blueair Pro M air purifier

36m2 (390ft2) CADR 595m3/hour Height 43cm (17 inches) noise level 32-55dBA

Perfect for a large bedroom or playroom or a small living room, providing a lot of clean air from a very compact purifier.


Particle filter (HEPA) 239RMB each

Smokestop (HEPA + charcoal) 399RMB each

use 1 x per change

Blueair Pro L Beijing Torana Clean Air Center

Blueair Pro L air purifier

72m2 (780ft2) CADR 1020m3/hour Height 79cm (31 inches) noise level 32-55dBA

Designed to provide clean air to the highest standard in larger rooms, with low noise, low energy consumption and minimalist design.


Particle filter (HEPA) 239RMB each

Smokestop (HEPA + charcoal) 399RMB each

use 2 x per change

Blueair Pro XL Beijing Torana Clean Air Center

Blueair Pro XL air purifier

110m2 (1180ft2) CADR 1530m3/hour. Height 112cm (44 inches) noise level 32-58dBA

Our top-of-the-range purifier for large villas and workspaces. Higher CADR and cleaning power than any other domestic purifier on the market. Quiet, stylish and unobtrusive.


Particle filter (HEPA) 239RMB each

Smokestop (HEPA + charcoal) 399RMB each

use 3 x per change

Blueair Sense: performance and style

Blueair Sense air purifier at Torana Clean Air Center Beijing

Blueair Sense purifier

15m2 (160ft2) CADR 170 m3/hour height 48cm (19 inches) weight 10kg (22lbs), noise level 29-50dBA

Ultra quiet

Probably the world's most stylish purifier, by globally acclaimed designer Claesson Koivisto Rune. Motion operated no-touch top panel, 2-stage HEPA filtration technology, filter change indicator, ultra-quiet operation.



Blueair Classic range: big cleaning capacity - affordable price

Blueair 200 series air purifiers



22m2 (215ft2)
CADR 263m3/hour
 height 53cm (21inches)
 weight 11kg (25lb)
 noise level 30-55dBA

The 203 is the basic model. The 270E is similar, but has an advanced electronic control (remote control, indicates air quality and when to change the filter)

Recommended for smaller rooms such as bedrooms and office cubicles. They are very quiet in use.




Blueair 303 air purifier



25m2 (270ft2), height 65cm (25 inches) weight 12.5kg (29lb)


Similar to the 203 model.


Blueair 400 series air purifiers


 34m2 (365ft2)
 CADR 408 m3/hour
 height 59cm (23inches)
 weight 15.5kg (33lb)
 noise level 32-58dBA

We recommend the 300/400 series models for general use in medium sized rooms and in bedrooms in particular (because they are exceptionally quiet).




Blueair 500 series air filters


 56m2 (600ft2)
 CADR 638m3/hour
 height 66cm (26inches)
 weight 16kg (53lb)
 noise level 32-60dBA

All purpose, large-capacity air cleaner suitable for living rooms, offices and classrooms.

The 550E version incorporates an advanced electronic control (remote control, indicates air quality and when to change the filter)

Based on Torana's own measurements, the 500 series delivers the most clean air per RMB spent for larger rooms and offices.





(pack of 3)

Blueair 603 air purifier at Torana Clean Air Center, Beijing


65m2 (700ft2) CADR 765m3/hour height 66cm (26 inches) weight 16kg (53lb) noise level 32-65dBA

High airflow and fast removal of PM2.5 pollution. Suitable for large living rooms, offices and classrooms. An outstanding air purifier.

12980RMB (special offer available on this model, please inquire)


(pack of 3)

Choosing the right filter type for your air purifier

Blueair cleaners come with two kinds of filters: Particle filters and Smokestop filters. Our staff at the Torana Clean Air Center can advise you on which type you need for your home or office. If you have a special health problem (eg asthma) do let us know.

Change your filter regularly for best performance

To ensure that your Blueair air purifiers delivers top performance change your filter regularly. For air purifiers run 24/7 the filter should be changed every 6 months. The Torana Air Cleaner Center can notify you when your filter is due for changing and deliver the new filter to your door.

Protect yourself and your employees at home, work and at school

The Torana Air Cleaner Center offers full-service solutions for offices, schools and hospitals.
To order call the Torana Clean Air Center 010-8459 0785 or email [email protected]. Visit us to see these models in action, 7 days a week, 10am to 8pm. Free delivery within Beijing, pay at your door via cash or credit card.