why a Blueair air purifier is the best performing air purifier in Beijing

Reasons for choosing Blueair from Torana

Put simply, choose Blueair for performance. Blueair removes PM2.5 and other pollutants from the air faster than other brands. This is because of better filters and more airflow. Unlike other manufacturers we encourage independent testing of our purifiers, because we know they perform well. Don't take our word for it, read the test reports!

Our purifiers are top in official government study in China and in U.S. Consumer Reports testing

In May 2013 Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission measured the performance of 22 air purifier models on PM2.5 and formaldehyde removal. The Blueair 503 came top in their study for both of these measures, beating models from Amway, Electrolux, Phillips, LG, Honeywell, Air-O-Swiss, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp, amongst others. Read a summary on Dr. Richard StCyr's Health Blog.

Similarly, the independent US-based Consumer Reports organisation tested 34 air cleaners from 20 different manufacturers in 2009 and rated a Blueair air purifier top for all types of air cleaning in a real-world test, measuring the time taken to clear a room of dust and smoke. The Blueair machine cleaned the air in the test room faster and better than all the other machines they tested, including Whirlpool, 3M, IQAir, Sharp, Panasonic, Honewell, AustinAir, AsthmAction and others. CR data is available by subscription to their website https://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index.htm

The American appliance manufacturer's industry association (AHAM) measures the performance of air purifiers in their standardized CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) test. The larger Blueair models achieve the maximum CADR scores in their testing. You can see these scores online on their website.

Check the test scores for these studies for yourself in our Air Purifier Test Data summary page

How Torana Blueair air purifiers achieve these results

More clean air at a faster rate

Blueair purifiers deliver both of the things necessary for truly great air cleaning performance: reliable true-HEPA filters and a high air flow rate. The airflow is important because a small amount of pure air will not protect you against the high levels of pollution coming from outdoors in Beijing: you need a LOT of clean air. The Blueair 503 for example delivers up to 750m3 per hour through its filters, twice the rate of its nearest (and more expensive) rival.

It is also important to get an air cleaner that matches the size of the space you have. Blueair produces a range of models that extend from 15m2 (a small bedroom or office) up to large machines that will cope with open-plan living room or office. Let us visit your home or office and survey your space for you and recommend the appropriate air purifiers that you need.

CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate)

The CADR standard test (developed by the American Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM), approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)) is the only objective measure available for comparing air purifier performance across brands. Always ask to see the CADR figures when you assess an air purifier (these are listed on our models page) since they make a good starting point for comparing models. Most manufacturers accept the CADR standard (including Blueair), but some manufacturers reject it because their models perform poorly in this test.

Consistent performance throughout filter life

Blueair filters work at peak efficiency from the time you fit them for all of their recommended life. There is no drop-off in performance, in fact filter performance actually improves as you begin to use a new filter. And because filter changing is simple most Blueair users really do get the performance their air purifiers are designed to deliver.

Quiet enough to let you sleep and work

Many air purifiers are also too noisy. Blueair cleaners run quiet (quieter than your aircon for example). This is because air flows more freely through a Blueair HEPASilent filter, so the fan in a Blueair machine does not need to work as hard. This might seem a small point, but in practice it can make the difference between using an air cleaner at night and not using it.

Our page on Blueair models gives decibel sound levels for all the air cleaners, but the best way to experience this is to come to the Torana Clean Air Center and judge for yourself.

Unique, progressive, 3-stage Filter

Blueair purifiers use a unique progressive filter design, with 3 filter grades combined into a single filter block, trapping the full range of particle sizes from visible lint and fluff down to the smallest pollutants. The progressive design ensures that the final, sensitive HEPA filter is protected from coarse particles and is less prone to clogging than purifiers with simpler filter designs.

Simple filter changing, and great service.

Some air cleaners use up to 3 separate replaceable filter parts, which all need to be changed at different times. This means that there is no way to know when to change filters, unless you keep a detailed air cleaner diary (we think you have better things to do with your time). Many air purifiers that we see in homes we visit are not working correctly because the owners are not sure when to change the filters.

The Blueair models in contrast use only one 3-in1 filter block, which is replaced every 6 months. Changing it is as easy as swinging the door open, sliding the old filter out and sliding the new filter in. Takes about 30 seconds. Torana will also remind you and deliver the new filter on time.

Energy Efficient

Blueair purifiers were amongst the first air purifiers to earn the Energy Star, a program developed by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. All Blueair models meet or exceed Energy Star requirements and consume less energy than many comparable models.

Award Winning Swedish Design

The Blueair company won the prestigious Excellent Swedish Design Award for combining functionality with attractive, contemporary design. The 402 air purifier is part of the National Museums Permanent Exhibit in Stockholm.

Constructions standards of Blueair purifiers are exceptional: most air purifiers are made of plastic, but Blueair purifiers are made of powder-coated galvanised steel. This, combined with sound muffling technology makes them both durable and quiet.

No Ozone

Unlike some purifiers, Blueair cleaners do not produce ozone: tests show that ozone levels in output air are lower than input. Blueair machines fitted with charcoal-containing smokestop filters are highly effective ozone-absorbers, protecting you from ozone in city air.

Reasonable and fair prices

Blueair machines and filters are priced similarly in China to the US and Europe: we don't charge twice as much here as overseas. This makes protecting your family and office affordable. Replacement filters are also reasonably priced, making running costs acceptable.

Guaranteed Quality

Blueair purifiers are covered by a 5 year warranty on parts and labor.

Electricity Conversion, so you can use your Blueair air purifier in any country

Unlike many air purifiers bought in China, you can continue to use your Blueair air purifiers "back home" with a simple voltage conversion.